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With our radiant heating/cooling services we can enhance the overall comfort and atmosphere of your home from the ground up. Our state of the art radiant heating/cooling technology allows us to efficiently and thoroughly heat/cool your home with an abundance of different radiant heat flooring options. Radiant heating and cooling offers many advantages over traditional forced air systems:

Silent, no fan noise. Clean, no moving air so no dust or pollen blowing around. Compact, pipes vs ducts, a 1” pipe carries as much energy as an 18” square duct, no soffits to build to hide duct work. Comfort, even temperature, minimal temperature variance between floor and ceiling, your feet are warm, and your head is cool, opposite of a forced air system. Energy efficient and easy to control, put the heat or cooling where you want it.

Some of The radiant heating services that we offer include but are not limited to designs, layouts, installations, thermotile heating mat with anti fracture mesh for ceramic tiles and stone, schluter ditra heat membrane and heating cable for ceramic tile and stone, thermotile heating cable with hold down strips for ceramic tiles and stone, thermofloor heated underlayment for laminate and wood flooring, thermofilm radiant heating film for laminate and wood flooring, thermofloor heated underlayment for carpet and vinyl flooring, thermo slab radiant heating cable for vinyl, laminate and wood flooring, ceramic tile, concrete slabs, repairs, replacements, inspections, maintenance, and more.

Radiant Heating Services Include:

✓ Design/Layout
✓ Installations/Maintenance

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