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Geothermal systems work differently than conventional heating and cooling systems, and are as much as 4 times as efficient. Since the temperature (50 degrees) of the earth at a depth of just 5’ stays very stable no matter what the temperature outside is, the earth is a great source of energy. Water is circulated through tubing buried 5’ below ground and heat energy in the water is exchanged with heat energy in the earth. Higher temperatures move to cooler temperatures. So if the water in the tubing is warmer than the earth, the heat energy moves from the water to the earth. This happens in the cooling mode. If the water in the tubing is cooler than the earth the heat energy in the earth moves to the water. This happens in the heating mode. This water is then sent to a heat pump and through the refrigeration process the temperature of the water is either decreased (cooling) or increased (heating) depending on which is required. The decreased or increased temperature is then used to cool or heat air or water to cool or heat a structure or to provide domestic hot water. Our geothermal heating pumps provide adequate and efficient central heating and cooling by transferring heat from the ground. Our geothermal heating pumps work with the earth and its natural heating and cooling elements to provide you with an eco-friendly and efficient heating and cooling system.

Geothermal Services Include:

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